Quality Policy:  AMDOR Inc. will seek to understand, define and exceed the reasonable requirements and expectations of all customers through a process of continuous improvement that is appropriate and applicable to all aspects of our business.

To implement this policy in an effective and efficient manner we will operate and maintain an ISO 9001:2008 based quality management system.

Quality Program

All doors are constructed using domestically sourced components and materials by primary vendors who undergo a rigorous audit process to ensure that only quality parts are used in the construction of the doors.

AMDOR has been ISO certified since 2003 and uses a three tier inspection procedure that consists of numerous quality checks that happen throughout the entire process:


All components are inspected at each workstation throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.


Once doors are complete they are inspected by our dedicated team of Quality Inspectors to ensure that every AMDOR roll-up door is free of any defects and matches our customer’s specifications.


A final inspection is carried out during the packaging process to ensure that all required pieces are included, items are free of defects, and that the order is received as intended.


What you are seeing in the above photo is one of our Quality Inspectors performing a door curtain inspection.


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