Q: What are some of the applications for an AMDOR Roll-Up Door?

A: AMDOR are the ideal for numerous applications including heavy rescue vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, compartment doors, storage lockers, and have even been used in both residential and commercial kitchen applications.

Compared to swing style doors, a roll-up door provides a safer work environment, especially for emergency vehicles that often are used on the side of a road.  A roll-up door provides the ability to access the compartment without losing complete visibility of the incident.  The roll-up door also takes up less of a footprint compared to swing doors which could potentially be hit by crews moving quickly on-scene possibly resulting in an injury.


Q: What is involved in AMDOR's quality/inspection process?

A: For details on our quality inspection process please click here:


Q: What differentiates AMDOR Roll-Up Doors from the competition?

A: There are a number of things that differentiate AMDOR from the other suppliers.  One key feature is the bottom flange cut-out that allows easier access to the lock and lift-bar, even with gloved hands.

AMDOR slats use a drive ball & socket hinge system which provides additional strength and rigidity to the door curtain making it the strongest roll-up door on the market.  The door seal is not a structural component of the door curtain compared to other door suppliers, if the door seal wears or breaks over time it drastically impacts the structural integrity of your door and potentially come apart.

Using a 4-stage automotive wet paint process, the slats are individually painted rather than after assembly to ensure there is full coverage and no bare spots to be seen (sometimes visible on competitor doors along the bottom of the slats when the door is being opened).  The doors also provide a smooth interior wall for maximum protection against equipment hang-ups.

AMDOR lift bar strikers are made of stainless steel compared to aluminum and the strikers that support the lift bar is also supported from below to reduce door bounce.  This feature delivers improved sealing, reduced bottom seal wear, and virtually eliminates false door ajar signals.

If you should ever need to replace a damaged or scratched slat, AMDOR doors were designed with a removable snap-lock end shoe to allow for a quick and easy replacement.

AMDOR side frames were designed to house a Luma Bar™ Integral compartment light.  The Integral provides multiple angling capabilities and a consistent 120° beam pattern.  Being part of the door frame also ensures additional protection against freight catching the light and causing damage.  Many other suppliers offer LED compartments within a tube that gets mounted to the compartment interior  and sits proud of the door frame; often prone to getting caught on cargo and can be easily damaged.


Q: Can I retrofit my vehicle that currently has swing doors to accommodate an AMDOR Roll-Up Door?

A: Yes, quite often vehicles are retrofit and converted from a swing door to a roll-up door.  There may be modifications required to the door openings (to ensure they are square) and the AMDOR order form outlines all of the dimensions that would be required.  A 6” sill plate is available to cover the top section of the door as well as cover the balancer portion of the door.

Please contact your local AMDOR representative or our customer service department to discuss further on how to ensure your vehicle’s door retrofit is a success.


Q: What is the minimum header requirement?

A: 1.5” is the absolute minimum header (based on a 28”H door), the minimum header is dictated by the height of the door.  When designing your vehicle, feel free to contact your local AMDOR representative and can verify dimensions and requirements.


Q: Do you offer a brushed aluminum finish?  What finishes are available?

A: AMDOR offers door slats with anodized aluminum, brushed anodized aluminum, and painted (numerous custom color options available).  More information is available in the ‘Options’ section of the website.


Q: Is your door waterproof?

A: No roll-up door is 100% waterproof, though our door has a ball and socket design and there is a seal in each joint to reduce the likelihood of ingression of water or debris.


Q: Is there an automatic door opening device available for AMDOR doors?

A: No, we currently do not offer an option that would automatically open and close the doors.


Q: How big is the coiled door when in the open position?

A: The coil size varies depending on the height of the door used.  When designing your vehicle, feel free to contact your local AMDOR® representative and can verify dimensions and requirements.  There is a chart available in our 'Downloads' area of our website, or click here.


Q: Can an AMDOR door be painted?

A: AMDOR uses a 4-stage automotive wet paint process and can produce nearly any color.  For more information about AMDOR door finishes please click here.


Q: Do the side frames, sill plates, and/or top gutters come painted when I order a door?

A: The side frames, sill plates, and top gutter can be painted upon request but do not automatically come painted when the order is placed.  We do not automatically paint those items as quite often customers prefer that they remain unpainted to help visually differentiate the compartment doors from the body of the vehicle.


Q: Does AMDOR offer a drip shield?

A: Yes, AMDOR now offers a drip shield, for more information click here.


Q: At what width is an idler tube required to provide additional support to the door curtain?

A: Doors 52” wide or wider we recommend that an idler tube be used.


Q: Why do you use a small slat when your competition uses a larger slat?

A: Our slat design is superior and is the strongest slat on the market and allows the door curtain to coil more effectively when being opened.


Q: If my equipment moves around and leans against the door, will it jam the compartment door and stop it from opening?

A: The interior flat surface in the slat design helps alleviate the potential of freight/equipment hang-ups.


Q: Do you have a door ajar switch?

A: AMDOR offers two types: 1) The standard military grade striker button-style and 2) The magnetic switch (positive or negative ground) which is the one we recommend. This switch is installed on the inside of our side frame and is kept out of the extremes from the environment.  Click here for more information about the magnetic door ajar switch.


Q: Can I have a lock on my Amdor?

A: yes, an option AMDOR offers is an automotive type key lock.  Click here for more information.


Q: What maintenance do I have to do to keep my doors in good condition?

A: Clean it with soap and water as you would clean any vehicle. Monthly cleaning of the track with soap and water, then take dry silicone on a rag and run the rag inside the track and along the face of the side seals.


Q: How can I get a quote on a door?

A: There is an online order/quote form or you can reach our customer at 1-877-462-6367 or via e-mail at [email protected].


Q: If I damage some slats, can we replace them in the field or do I need to send the vehicle to an authorized service center?

A: Our slats are very easy to change and all you need to do is give us the door serial number and number of slats you require and we will send them out with-in a very short delay.  It is also possible to remove slats from the top of the door curtain (top slats are hidden from view) and swap with the damaged slats.


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