Door Curtain Finishes

Anodized Aluminum Door Finish

Anodized aluminum is a popular finish, especially on fire apparatus’.  The anodization process is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer providing additional corrosion protection and resistance to wear, not to mention an attractive look to your vehicle.  The anodization process is also optimal for the adhesion of decals if you should decide to add additional graphics on your compartment doors.


Painted Door Finish

AMDOR uses a 4-stage automotive wet paint system.  Every slat is individually painted and cured prior to door assembly resulting in the highest quality finish.  Doors are available in red, white, as well as number of custom color options and are ideally suited for applied graphics.

Please be sure to view the 'Quality' section of the website for more information about the quality inspection process that all AMDOR roll-up doors must pass before shipping.

Anodized Slats

Wet Paint Application

Metallic Paint

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