AMDOR brand roll-up doors are designed as a relatively maintenance free product.  The primary construction materials are anodized aluminum and self- lubricating Nylon 6.  Roll-up doors should be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis with a mild detergent and clean water in the same manner as the remainder of your apparatus. 
In order to ensure years of problem free service it is essential that the doors and their tracks are kept clean and free of debris.  Door tracks should NOT be lubricated in any fashion.  The majority of lubricants will attract and retain salt, sand, road grit and debris.  The existence of any foreign matter within the door tracks will impact negatively upon door performance as well as service life. 
So long as the door tracks are absolutely clean you may use a very thin application of silicone applied to the seals indirectly via a clean dry cloth.  Only dry silicone is recommended for this purpose.
Seals are an important component within the roll-up door system. All seals should be inspected regularly.  This wear item should be replaced when torn or damaged in any way.
In the event that maintenance is required please contact your apparatus manufacturer in order to determine your closest authorized Dealer.  You may also contact AMDOR direct via the web-site listed below or Toll Free at 1-877-GO AMDOR.  (877- 462-6367).
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